What is the catch? Why do your prices seem to be much lower than venues that aren’t as large or as elegant as yours?

We get this question a lot. The quick answer is that we are a small family business that believes weddings in particular are ridiculously expensive.  We would rather have you leaving here feeling that you got an amazing deal instead of you wondering for the next decade how you are going to pay off your wedding.  All we ask is that you have an awesome event and tell all your friends about us. 

Are we allowed to provide our own catering, bar service and other vendors

Absolutely!  It is our pleasure to allow groups to provide their own vendors.  If you are needing advice on caterers, florists, DJs, etc. we can certainly refer businesses to you but if you have someone with whom you are already comfortable than we are happy to allow you to use their services.

Are tables and chairs included?

Tables and chairs are included with your rental of the facility.

If so, how many?

60” Round Guest Tables – 24

6' Rectangular Banquet Tables -12  (72” x 30”)

Pub Tables – 8  (23.5” wide x 42” tall)

Small Wooden "Two Topper" Tables – 16  (24” x 30”)

Do you offer linens or other rental items?

Yes, linens come in black, ivory, red and white. Our rental list also includes uplighting, backdrops, a candle wall and much more.

What is your policy on open flame candles?

We do allow open flames with some fire safety restrictions.  Please make sure they are contained within a glass or other flame proof container that provides something to catch the wax.  Also please do not place candles where they can be easily tipped over or catch curtains or other fabric on fire.  No candles can be placed on staircases for obvious reasons.  

How many square feet is the Grand Ballroom?

About 2,800 square feet including the orchestra balcony.  The length of the ballroom including the full depth of the stage is about 73’.  The distance from the front of the stage steps to the area under the balcony is about 56’.  The depth of the stage at its deepest point is about 17’.  The width of the main floor area from the edge of the side risers on either side is about 31’.  The width of each side riser is about 3’ 5” on the east and west walls and about 3’ 11” on the back north wall.  We have a floor plan of the space with all measurements available upon request.

How many chairs can be placed in the Grand Ballroom?

Theater style seating gives you a maximum of 276 chairs placed in 16 rows with one center aisle.  To fit a full 300 guests on the ballroom level you will want to seat guests on our side riser levels in the ballroom where an additional 32 guests can be sat at our 16 two topper tables.  The final chairs to reach a maximum 300 count can be placed in the open spaces between the two topper tables on the side risers as well as in the orchestra balcony.  We have a picture of this sample layout available upon request.

For a program to help you figure out your event seating please visit:  http://www.weddingwire.com/wedding-planning/wedding-seating-tables/start.html

Do have additional event spaces where we can have the reception or other activities?

Yes.  In addition to the Centralia Square Grand Ballroom we also offer our stunning Annex Chapel and Library, outdoor Parkview Terrace, beautiful Fireside Lounge as well as our East and West Banquet Hall spaces.  If you are wanting even more room options you can also rent our tremendously popular Aerie Ballroom events venue which is just one short block away.  Use one or both of these vintage event venues to create a once in a lifetime event that your guests will be talking about for years to come! 

Is there a deposit needed to save the date?

Yes, we are unable to reserve a date officially on our calendar until a contract is signed and a down payment is made.  One of the things that helps keep our prices low is that we ask people to try and pay as much of the full amount due upfront if possible.  With that being said we take people at their word and will accept half down with the rest to be paid off over a short period of time if you let us know you are unable to pay everything at contract signing. Please contact us for more details.  

Are guest accommodations available onsite?

Yes.  When you reserve the Centralia Square Grand Ballroom for at least one full day you are eligible to receive a discounted rate on any guest rooms in our hotel, subject to availability.  

Is there an elevator?

The Centralia Square Grand Ballroom did not originally have an elevator but one is being installed as part of the ongoing restoration.  The second floor, however, does have a handicapped restroom for those guests who are able to slowly make it up the stairs on their own or can be carried.  If you must have a ballroom with an elevator we suggest you reserve your event here for late 2019 and beyond or rent our Aerie Ballroom which is a beautiful events venue just one short block from us that does have an elevator for elderly and handicapped guests.

Are we allowed to serve alcohol to our guests?

Yes alcohol service is allowed.  For the safety of your guests and our facility we ask groups to follow Washington State Liquor Control Board Banquet Permit requirements including the use of a designated bartender and not allowing any alcohol to be consumed by under age attendees or people who are intoxicated.  We are all about No Drama and No Stress. Please visit the WSLCB website or contact us for more details.